We worship God as a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We desire to be the people God designed us to be and commune in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirt.

Our goal is to allow the generations to gather for the purpose of offering God glory and thanks.

Fellowship is ‘built-in’ to our worship and it is impossible for anyone to leave the sanctuary without being warmly greeted. We are deliberate and intentional about making our weekly worship an intimate event in which people grow closer to Christ and to each other.

We welcome children to participate in worship.  We expect them to make noise. The pastor gives a children's sermon at the beginning of worship and children ages four and under have an option to go to the nursery where they will be cared for by two nursery care volunteers.

Every second Sunday there is a "Noisy Can offering" where children will collect coins from the congregation.  The collected coins are offered to different ministries that are selected by the children.

Our service is neither traditional nor contemporary. You will have to attend to see what we mean!