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Aerial Photo of High Bridge Cemetery

Aerial photography courtesy Todd and Audra Upchurch

Bill Braford, High Bridge Presbyterian Church member, began the task of creating a database and map of the High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery in 2005.  Bill’s journey began with a desire to give to his church an aerial photograph, historical information about the cemetery, and mapping software. After several years of mapping and surveying the cemetery, Bill combined his efforts to provide tools for cemetery guests to easily locate graves of loved ones. All graves are listed in pdf files with exception of recent burials since 2005. Due to Bill’s efforts, the database and map will continue to be updated on a regular basis. We hope to have this data available on a map server in the County of Rockbridge in 2010.

The historical information Bill used in developing his database and map include information from those who have made periodic listings of headstones inscriptions:

  • August, 1928: 1. High Bridge Church and Cemetery,
  • June 11, 1936: “High Bridge Cemetery” – Works Progress  Administration of Virginia- Historical Inventory – Rada Moore, Lexington, VA,
  • ~1998:  Hand database listing – Perkins and Orrison,
  • May, 2005 “Section listing of High Bridge Cemetery” Rockbridge Genealogical Society – Darce McCabe.

The cemetery map displays the numbers for each individual lot (grave).  (Note: This is a very large file -90 MB and it will require a high speed connection to download.)  The listing by lot number can be used to identify a lot found on the map.  The listing by last name can be used to find a lot on the map.